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What You Should Know About OneDrive for Business


Have you ever wondered what people use OneDrive for exactly and how it is different then say SharePoint or a file share?

Much like SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server document libraries, OneDrive for Business allows you to work with files in the cloud or locally on your computer.


Reviewing my OneDrive for Business

SharePoint Online Limits


Have you ever wondered what some of the limits to SharePoint Online are?

Recently we had our SharePoint Online consultants ask a few of our new clients this very question.

We discovered that most did not know what the limits of SharePoint Online were.

Below is a table showing licensing and features that come with SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Migration Tool Updates

How do we keep up with all the changes and advancements in SharePoint and Microsoft 365?

Well, it’s not easy and some might say it’s a full-time job with the Office 365 road map. So let’s start with some items coming to SharePoint Migration Tool. Now, these are features that have been released or are releasing to tenants as we speak:

SharePoint Migration Tool – Have you worked with this tool to migrate content over to SharePoint Online? Microsoft has updated a few items in this tool.

SharePoint Online Locations

Microsoft has a new feature in Sharepoint they are introducing at the end of February. 

A new column to SharePoint lists and Libraries called the Location Column.

This will be rolling out mid-February and expect to be complete by the end of the month.

Sharepoint - Autodesk integration for DWG files

It's finally arrived! 

If you're a drafter, engineer, or architect and use AutoCAD or other AutoDesk products you know the struggles it is to use SharePoint to post drawings or another drawing format.  Typically, you had to convert the file to another format so SharePoint could display the drawings because no viewer was available to render a .dwg file.  Today, Microsoft announced the soon-to-be-released 'Autodesk integration for DWG files' tool that will allow drawing files to be viewed natively.

SharePoint 2016 Requirements

As listed by Microsoft as of 12/20/2018 here are the requirements for SharePoint Server 2016:

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