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Everyone reading about the changes to SharePoint Migration tools

SharePoint Migration Tool Updates

How do we keep up with all the changes and advancements in SharePoint and Office 365. Well it’s not easy and some might say it’s a full-time job with the Office 365 road map. So let’s start with some items coming to SharePoint Migration Tool. Now these are features that have been released or are releasing to tenants as we speak:

SharePoint Migration Tool – Have you worked with this tool to migrate content over to SharePoint Online? Microsoft has updated a few items in this tool.

The first is called the Managed Metadata Service support. Existing taxonomy in 2013, the SharePoint Migration Tool can now migrate your content types and term stores to Office 365. Make sure you have global tenant admin permissions.

Another item release is the On-Premises SharePoint Webpart feature. You can now bring over webparts like media, blogs, list forms and others.

Few other items added were Navigation and icons, Site Descriptions and Pages, including any pages in the site asset library

For a complete list of the SharePoint Webparts use this link:

Many more features coming to SharePoint Online this year so stay tuned.

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