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Man using Microsoft Bookings to book an appoinment

Microsoft Bookings Intro


Cool app we use here at JPSC is Microsoft Bookings.

Not as popular yet as some of the other apps, but it is growing.

Thought i would take a few minutes and give overview and a high level setup for Microsoft Bookings.

Microsoft Bookings Staff creation

Microsoft Bookings is an online and mobile app for Businesses, Universities and really anyone who provide services to customers or needs a way to book appointments while staying in Office 365 and Outlook. 

So think about our consulting services and the different areas of service we offer. Also the staff and there availability. Imagine sending emails back and forth trying to figure out peoples calenders of when support could be done.

Same holds true for other industries such as Teachers/Professors letting students know there availability for sessions to discuss all sorts of topics.

Many examples, but lets focus on 3 key elements in Bookings:


  • A booking page - For customers or students to use to schedule appointments with the staff members. You can even use the page on Facebook, where your customers can schedule appointments, or your own web site.
  • A set of web-based, business-facing pages - Businesses can record customer preferences, manage staff lists and schedules, define services and pricing, set business hours, and customize how services and staff are scheduled. Imagine Teacher having the ability to show students when they are available for sessions with students automatically.
  • Mobile app [IOS, Android] where individuals can see all of their bookings, access customer lists and contact information, and make manual bookings.


So to get started follow these steps to get your page up and running:

First thing is to launch Bookings from the App Launcher

Microsoft Bookings launching

Now lets configure Bookings for use starting with:

Business Information

  • Business Information Entry
    • Navigate to the Business Information on the left navigation and enter your information about the business.
    • Set your Business Hours  if the default 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday is not your preference.
    • Upload a Company Logo or Photo you would like to use.

Click Save.


Microsoft Bookings business information



  • Create a Staff
    • From the left navigation select Staff.
    • Even if it is just for one person add all the details for this staff member.
    • Pay close attention to the Time if you are not using Business Hours.
    • Also make sure if you are trying to blend in both Calendar and Bookings that the Events checkbox is select, so it affects your availability.

Click Save.


Microsoft Booking Staff entry



  • Create Services
    • Now select Services from the left Navigation. {Assuming you have Services}
    • Add you first Service.
    • You can assign Staff for the service being added.

Click Save.


Microsoft Bookings select services

Enter Time off for Staff

  • Time Off will arrise for different reasons regarding staff or Company Holidays
    • Now select Calendar from the left Navigation.
    • Select Time Off
    • Entry the Time off in the calendar
    • Select all staff member's this entry pertains to.

Click Save.


Microsoft Bookings


Publishing or Unpublishing the Booking Page

  • Booking Page for users or clients to book appoinments.
    • Select Booking Page from the left Navigation 
    • Verify that the scheduling policies are correct.
    • Do you need a O365 Account to Book appointment's?  If this is internal only then yes [what schools or certain business might use.....]
    • Color schemes are correct
    • Connect to Facebook option.

Click Save and Publish.

If you make a mistake you can click Unpublish


Microsoft Bookings publishing

Create Manual Bookings

  • Need for Maual Bookings can arrise
    • Select Calendar then New Booking
    • Pick a Service from the drop down
    • Fill in the customer information
    • Fill in the Service details
    • Select your staff members.


Click Save


Microsoft Bookings

Now this is at a high level and we wanted to show how easy it is to setup.

If you would like talk more about Microsoft Bookings please feel free to drop us a line.