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  • Microsoft 365 Secure Score

    Almost like credit scores in our personal lives, Microsoft has a score in Office 365 for security.

    So how does this score affect my tenant? Why would I need to improve my score and how would I improve my score?

    For those of us that have the responsibility to maintain Office 365 security, this video will help explain the Secure Score used in Security.

    In order to be able to use the Secure Score, you have to be one of the following:

  • SharePoint Home Sites

    Have you ever wondered why SharePoint never really had a landing page like you see in most intranet portals?

    Well, Microsoft is looking to introduce SharePoint Home Sites this year around the third quarter.

    What will a home site do exactly?

    Its a Communication Site designated as a landing page for your organization. 

    SharePoint Home Site

  • So many messages in Microsoft Office 365 Message Center
    Microsoft Office 365 Updates June 14th, 2019

    The latest updates from the Microsoft Office 365 Message Center week ending 6/14.

  • Microsoft Teams and Urgent Messages

    Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature this month.

    This is from the Message Center in Office 365, but in case you do not have access to this information here it is.

  • Student reading from mobile device
    Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #5

    Often wonder what can guests do while in Microsoft Teams?

    Other things that guests can do is participate in channels, conversations, chats, and meetings; they also can share files in channels, add new channels and use the Wiki.

    So to be a guest an email address must be used to invite the user. Once the guest is invited to join your team they can start to interact with Microsoft Teams and its members of the team.

    Here are some of the items guests can do once they join: