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  • Reviewing my Power BI Reports
    Power BI Licensing Comparison

    A question that customers often ask our Project Online experts is what licensing do I need for my employees to use Power BI.  So we decided to breakdown what Microsoft has released in this article.

    As of April 2019, there are 3 types of licenses.

  • Outlook features coming to Office 365 in May.....
    Outlook Preview Changes Launching in May

    Global Admin Portal Announcement for Outlook. Microsoft announced back in September 2018, a new feature called “Coming Soon” that offers a preview of new user experience updates in Outlook for Windows and provides you and your users an opportunity to try the experience and to provide feedback.

  • Hey everyone I got a Praise in Microsoft Teams
    Who Doesn't Like Being Praised

    Maybe not the feature everyone was expecting [ private channels ], but one that is kind of cool.

    So now in a world where we don't actually communicate face to face [ kids ] with each other, but through technology.

    Microsoft Teams has released a new feature called Praise.

    So another way to say good job with some flair.

    Here is how you create a praise for someone in Microsoft Teams.

    So while in a chat select the eclipse from the menu at the bottom and click on Praise.

  • Kaizala app has arrived
    Microsoft Kaizala Has Arrived

    New App Released by Microsoft - Microsoft Kaizala will be a new integration with Microsoft Teams over the next year or so. After its launch on April the 4th this year Microsoft is testing the waters with this phone number-based app. Available for IOS and Android it seems to have all the chatting abilities and calling via contacts from your device.

  • Everyone reading about Microsoft To Do
    New Feature for Microsoft To Do

    We like to share messages from the Admin Portal of Office 365 for those who might not have access in their own tenants or simply do not have time to read all the messages that come in each week.

    Microsoft announced the To-Do & Planner Integration as a new Office 365 feature

    We should start to see this feature rolling out in April 2019 into May.  Sorry GCC customers not yet.......