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  • Glad we called JPSC
    Project Online Questions


    Have you ever wondered how you get started with Project Online?

    So as an example let's say someone from the Project Management Office calls IT and says we need Project Online turned on.

    IT does their due diligence and comes back with a few questions after looking at costs of licencing and what would need to be turned on.

    Now IT responds with simple questions like 

  • Adding users to Office 365
    How Do I Add Multiple Users to Office 365

    Want to add more than one user at a time to Office 365? 

    Microsoft supplies a built-in template to help add multi users at one time. As long as the headers and content are filled in correctly its an easy process.

    So of the assumptions would be you have an Office 365 Tenant. 

    You have Admin access to the Admin Portal.

    And you have already purchased licensing or have available licenses for the users being added.

  • Everyone talking about Microsoft Teams Quick Hits
    Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #1

    This is the first of our series Microsoft Teams Tuesday Quick Hits.

    Here we discuss quick tips and tricks for Microsoft Teams. If interested in the video on YouTube see below.....

  • Creating SharePoint Online sites
    How Do SharePoint Online Admins Create Sites

    Have you ever wondered how Admins of SharePoint create modern site collections or Classic sites?  Don`t let them fool you it really takes minutes to spin one up. Its the maintaining and administrating it that takes the effort. Here is a sneak preview of how they do it. Now it is true that users may create sites them selves, but they do not have all the features available that admins do.

    By using the new SharePoint admin center, you can create sites that use one of the new team site or communication site templates.

  • Connecting Road maps to Project Online tasks
    Adding Project Online Tasks to a Roadmap

    So as a Project Online user how would you add Tasks to a Roadmap in Project Online.

    Lets start by creating a Roadmap and now having a project associated with it.

    Here is an article showing how to connect a project to a Roadmap.

    After creating your Roadmap it is connected to a project.