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  • Microsoft Office 365 has Updates
    Microsoft Office 365 Updates May 20th-24th, 2019

    Wondering what changed, was updated or is being released in Microsoft Office 365?

    We thought listing the items out would help to identify what had been communicated each week from Microsoft so you don't have to dig through weeks worth of updates. Will start posting these each moving forward.

    New Feature: Microsoft 365 Admin Setup Page

  • Mobile users reading about SharePoint features
    SharePoint Conference 2019

    Did you miss the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas last week?  Here are some of the highlights...

    One of the announcements that Microsoft outlined in this year's SharePoint Conference was for OneDrive being able to add AutoCAD drawing files and previews of 360-degree images. Another interesting addition is a sync support capability for Windows Virtual Desktop this is Microsoft's new virtual desktop infrastructure service that's currently in a preview stage.

  • Everyone talking about Microsoft Teams Quick Hits..........
    Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #3

    How do we work on a document or say a diagram from Visio with the group or team?

    Microsoft Teams allows you to upload a document into a Teams channel and collaborate on the document in real time. Shown below is a Visio file uploaded to a channel and a conversation talking about the diagram.

    Editing documents in Microsoft Teams

  • Renaming SharePoint Sites
    SharePoint Online Site Renaming

    What is one of the most long overdue requests as it relates to SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server? Being able to rename site addresses would be the answer.

    The owner of the site has been able to change a lot of properties on their sites over the years but changing site URLs has not been enabled. Since the modern SharePoint admin center came out, you can now change the site name. but you still can’t change the tenant’s domain name of course just the site name portion.

  • IT specialists reviewing a document
    Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #2

    Ever have a situation where you need to be logged into more than one Office 365 tenant at the same time?  Microsoft doesn't make it easy to connect to more than one at a time.  Consultants working on multiple tenants experience this issue often.