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  • Congrads you are getting MyAnalytics for Outlook
    Outlook getting MyAnalytics Add-in

    Announced to day that Microsoft will be offering you productivity insights in an Outlook add-in powered by MyAnalytics. The add-in shows users insights about their recent collaboration and communication patterns and suggests ways to work more effectively. Click here to learn more about the experience that the users will receive. 

    This add-in will roll out to all customers with Microsoft 365 E5, E3, Business, Office 365 E5, E3, E1, Business Premium and Business Essentials licenses.

  • Talking notes on Project Server 2013
    How to Create Custom Fields in Project Server 2013


    So why do I need custom fields in Project Server 2013?

  • How to Get Delegates working in Project Server 2013


    So this article applies not only to Project Server 2013, but is also true of other releases of Project Server such as 2016-19 as well as Project Online.

    So you might be wondering why I would need to use Delegates in the first place.

  • Naming Project in Project Server
    Project Schedule with No Name

    Had a client via support ask about a blank project meaning a project with no name.

    Been a while since I have seen this, but remember from a few years back of a patch that was released to fix this.

    After a project is created in Project Server 2013 it is possible to save the project with no name.
    I know after hearing about the bug I thought to myself why would anyone do this.
    How could you find a project if they had no names.

  • Planning for SharePoint
    SharePoint 2016 Requirements

    As listed by Microsoft as of 12/20/2018 here are the requirements for SharePoint Server 2016: