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  • Microsoft is Releasing Project for the web

    So what exactly is this Project for the web? Is Project Online going away? Can I use my current licensing with the new service?

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    Project Online Licensing Changes Are Coming in October

    As mentioned earlier this month project service changes coming October threre are changes coming to Project Online.

    At the end of October 2019, Microsoft will update subscription names on thier websites and in thier documentation. The updates to the subscription names – and what these subscriptions include – are as follows:


    Original: Project Online Professional


  • Project Service Changes Coming in October

    Microsoft let us know that the new project management experience, as a part of the new Project service, will be rolling out to your tenant, starting in October 2019. 

  • SharePoint Online Site Swap

    Wondered how to get the old Classic Site and turn it into the new Modern Communication Site?

    Microsoft started rolling out to tenants with less than 10k users this past week. All others will be taken care of by Halloween. Admins will be able to swap the SharePoint root site with another site using a new PowerShell cmdlet Invoke-SPOSiteSwap. The root site will be archived automatically. You must use the SharePoint Admin PowerShell version 16.0.8812.1200 or later.

  • Private Channels in Teams

    Remember when Microsoft Teams launched a few years ago?

    One of the items I thought was missing at the time was the ability to take private teams and from the team have private areas just for certain people. How many times do you have something HR or Accounting related and didn't need the information to be shared with everyone? We didn't want to create extra teams just for that purpose as we would have hundreds of teams.