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  • Man no more Teams that I don't need in my way...
    Coming to Teams

    More exciting changes coming to Teams in the month of May 2019. For those of us that haven’t visited a Team for more than 45 days it will be automatically reordered and moved to the bottom "More" category. Users will see a dialog that will allow them to view the teams that were moved and choose to accept or undo the move. At times we all can have too many teams cluttering up our left rail. Over the next few weeks, teams you haven't visited in more than 45 days will be automatically reordered and moved to the bottom "More" category so you can focus on teams you're more active in.

  • Did you hear about Windows 10 Updates..........
    Did You Hear About Windows 10 Improvements

    Announcing improvements to the Windows 10 update process.

    Microsoft announced significant changes for the Windows update process. These changes are designed to improve the experience, put the user in more control, and improve the quality of Windows updates.

    The updates include:

    1. New features that put you and your customers more in control of updates, such as a new download and install now option, and extended ability to pause updates.

  • Reviewing my Power BI Reports
    Power BI Licensing Comparison

    A question that customers often ask our Project Online experts is what licensing do I need for my employees to use Power BI.  So we decided to breakdown what Microsoft has released in this article.

    As of April 2019, there are 3 types of licenses.

  • Outlook features coming to Office 365 in May.....
    Outlook Preview Changes Launching in May

    Global Admin Portal Announcement for Outlook. Microsoft announced back in September 2018, a new feature called “Coming Soon” that offers a preview of new user experience updates in Outlook for Windows and provides you and your users an opportunity to try the experience and to provide feedback.

  • Connecting Road maps to Project Online tasks
    Adding Project Online Tasks to a Roadmap

    Adding Tasks to a Roadmap in Project Online.

    After creating your Roadmap it is connected to a project.

    If you are still creating or need to add additional tasks to a Roadmap, follow these steps.

    First, open your project schedule (no need to click edit)

    Adding Tasks to Road maps