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Jones Professional Services is a Microsoft Certified Partner delivering SharePoint / Project Server 2016, Enterprise Project Management solutions and now the release of SharePoint Server 2016.

SharePoint Server 2016

JPSC has been doing SharePoint consulting since its release as well as previous versions of the tool. Our clients can easily and efficiently communicate with members of their organizations and collaborate their work and ideas using this software. SharePoint 2016 was created with users in mind. The new software is easier to navigate and reduces the emphasis on IT, so you can spend less time searching for information, and more time working on it. Microsoft Office 365 Business now allows the same great functionality in the cloud. SharePoint Online allows clients to SharePoint Server in the cloud. If you are still needing an on premise and a cloud mixture then Azure is a perfect fit to allow you to build what you need in the cloud and maintain an on premise farm.


8 Best Features and Updates

More flexible deployment options

Use anywhere, on any device

Improved app management service

More storage options to decrease bandwidth and storage footprint

Prioritization of requests with Request Management tool

New and improved Developer Dashboard

Anywhere access with SharePoint Online with Office 365 Business

Remotely accessible and consistent administrative interface

Manage Cost, Risk and Time

Microsoft SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online consulting focuses on users to allow for better management of cost, risk, and time. The new features and upgrades reduce the emphasis on IT for performing day-to-day tasks, so they can open up more time for innovation while you have easier access to your projects and information.

More Reasons Why We Love SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online

  • Flexibility with deployment options, so you can choose between on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of the two
  • Availability of information to more people, in more formats, in more places, with more efficiency
  • Office Web Apps as a separate server product allows for more frequent updating and the ability to serve multiple SharePoint Server farms for viewing and editing documents
  • Improved profile import options for easier access to user profiles
  • New Distributed Cache Service ensures that no request takes too long
  • Minimize bandwidth and decrease your storage footprint with new Shredded Storage option
  • Deferred upgrade feature allows users to upgrade software at times of their choice
  • Request Management allows you to prioritize and route incoming requests through a rules engine that determines their nature and appropriate response.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online gives users anywhere access to their projects and information so you can continue working on the go. This service is updated regularly so users do not have to worry about upgrading infrastructure, saving time and money.

Get Started with JPSC Today

JPSC is here to help take the headache out of installing and implementing SharePoint Server. We utilize a highly qualified team of Microsoft SharePoint Server consultants with several years experience to provide consulting and MS Enterprise project management consulting services. Let us share our knowledge of the new features and functionality of the SharePoint Server new release compared to previous versions to see which best suites your needs. Contact Us.