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Jones Professional Services is a Microsoft Certified Partner delivering SharePoint / Project Server 2016, Enterprise Project Management solutions and now the release of SharePoint Server 2016.

Microsoft Consulting Services

JPSC is here to help take the headache out of installing and implementing Project Server 2016 as well as offering SharePoint Server 2016 consulting, utilizing a team of highly qualified team of Microsoft project consultants with several years’ experience providing Microsoft Project Server consulting and MS Enterprise project management consulting services. With the arrival of SharePoint Server and Project Server 2016 we would be more then happen to discuss and share our knowledge of the differences between 2013 or 2016 Project Server to see which best suites your needs.


Enterprise Project Management

Now more than ever, companies are being challenged to "do more with less" and as a result have to be judicious about where they spend their money and how they allocate resources. JPSC uses Microsoft's EPM Solution Microsoft Project Server 2010/2013 to help organizations upgrade and migrate their systems to build significant efficiencies around portfolio and project management processes to select and deliver the right projects, reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and ultimately plant the seeds to grow the business.

Demand Management is just one of the feature sets offered by Microsoft Project Server 2010/2013. Its purpose is to quickly help organizations gain visibility into projects and operational activities; standardize and streamline data collection; applications; enhance decision making; and subject initiatives to the appropriate governance controls throughout their life cycles. JPSC offers custom Dynamic workflows to help streamline process so the right stages get approvals before moving into Portfolio Analysis.


Complete IT Service, Business Intelligence Consultants, Enterprise Project Management

When you rely on JPSC is Microsoft project consultants to offer you cutting edge Microsoft Project Server consulting and MS Enterprise project management consulting services, you set the wheels in motion to build an effective infrastructure for content management and business development that will take your company to the next level.

JPSC is a certified Microsoft Sharepoint Consulting Company. With extensive knowledge of 2010 and 2013 Project Server and Sharepoint Server, our full IT services include: MS Enterprise Project Management Consulting, Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions and Project Server Support.