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Status Managers in Project Server 2010

Alot of times we forget about the Status Manager until one of two things happen.
Ownership changed and the schedule was never updated with the correct Status Manager or
The project was created by somone other then the owner.

Having someone create someone else’s project and having a project schedule template already attached to the EPT can be a head scratcher. The person creating the project in this case becomes the Status Manager until the owner opens the project in MS Project and changes the lines of the schedule to themselves. After a publish the tasks should start coming for approval with the next submittals from resources.
Now if the schedule is blank when the project is created then the Status Manager would be the person creating and publishing the tasks for the first time.
Something to think about when setting up EPTs with templates and who creates the projects in PWA.

07/29/2012 - 9:18pm