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Jones Professional Services is a Microsoft Certified Partner delivering SharePoint / Project Server 2016, Enterprise Project Management solutions and now the release of SharePoint Server 2016.

Project Server 2016 Trial Key

When Microsoft released SharePoint Server 2016 and Project Server 2016 RTM they only gave the key SharePoint Server 2016.

The key used for the Project Server 2016 Trial is Y2WC2-K7NFX-KWCVC-T4Q8P-4RG9W.

This will give you 180 days just like the SharePoint trial.

Just keep that in mind when you run Enable-projectserverlicense from Power shell you will need this key in order to get a PWA instance to work.

Feel free to reach out to one of our technical resources to get help regarding this.

Microsoft should be updating their download page with the new key in the next few weeks.

03/17/2016 - 8:14pm