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Jones Professional Services is a Microsoft Certified Partner delivering SharePoint / Project Server 2016, Enterprise Project Management solutions and now the release of SharePoint Server 2016.

Project Server 2016 Resource Plans

Microsoft is changing the way you do Resource Plans in Project Server 2016.

We are now requesting resources in Microsoft Project 2016 or in Project Server 2016.

This is called Engagements and is the new way we would do Resource Plans in PWA.

The new Resource Engagements capabilities in Project Server 2016 helps project managers and resource managers to align with each other on the specific amount of work and time periods for specific resources associated with a project.

Resource Plans are now a view within Microsoft Project Professional 2016.

Right now Project Online will allow you to decide when you want to activate the new feature going from Resource Plans to Engagements.

For On Premise clients this will happen when you upgrade for Project Server 2013.

10/05/2015 - 4:17pm