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Jones Professional Services is a Microsoft Certified Partner delivering SharePoint / Project Server 2016, Enterprise Project Management solutions and now the release of SharePoint Server 2016.

Project Online

Project Online is not a web-based version of Project Professional 2013. It is an entirely different service offering project management and full portfolio tools on the website. With Project Online 2013 you can quickly view your portfolio, prioritize initiatives, and deliver them with the leverage of the familiarity of SharePoint that you are already aware of. Project Online makes workflow really easy. You can make manage your resource, portfolio, planning, and resource management really manageable. These are few reasons why you should own Project Online 2013:

Flexible, Easy Look & Feel

Project Online is scalable and secure. You can easily create new projects and import a file from SharePoint 2013 in a very lucrative manner.

Makes Your Business More Efficient

One of the major benefits of Project Online is it allows your company to pace up and take better control of its data. With Project Online 2013 data driven decisions are made rapidly and equipping all the team members with the required information simultaneously. In this way you can ensure providing necessary information to your members so that they are enlightened enough to make better decisions.

Quick Setup

If you need a project management tool which sets up quickly and starts running easily, then Project Online is the perfect tool for you. Easy Accessibility of your File Project Online 2013 is an online tool and the benefit of it is that you can access it anywhere. Secondly, online tools make it easy to access your files. Anyways you and your team spend a lot of time online for the sake of the project, so this is another way where you can work together and collaborate accordingly.

Compatible with most mobile Device/s

This tool is compatible on your smartphones and tablets. If your device has a scope of internet connection, this tool can be accessed anywhere if you already have Office 365. Office Online is a very efficient tool for your project management. Imagine having your resources, sheets, portfolios on your fingertips (i.e., if you have a device like mobile, tablet or your laptop)

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