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Key architecture changes for Project Server 2013 Preview

Database consolidation: Driven by an effort to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), Project Server 2013 Preview data is consolidated into a single Project Web App database. The benefits of a single database are described in the Database consolidation section of this document.

Windows Azure Workflow: Declarative workflows (workflows that are defined in SharePoint Designer 2013 Technical Preview) are offloaded to Windows Azure Workflow for processing. Windows Azure Workflow can run on a separate server in the SharePoint farm, on Windows Azure in the cloud, or on a single Project Server computer for testing or demonstrations. Coded workflows that are developed with Visual Studio 11 Beta are processed in the workflow runtime within SharePoint Server, as in Project Server 2010.

OData services for reporting: Project Online users and users of Project Server 2013 on-premises can both access their reports through the OData service. Open Data (OData) is an industry standard web protocol used to access data from external systems. The OData service internally runs SQL queries on the Reporting tables and views. This is especially helpful for Project Online users, because the Project Web App database cannot be directly accessed in Windows Azure. Project Server 2013 users will still be able to directly access the Reporting table and views through Microsoft SQL Server in order to create reports. For more information, see Introducing OData: Data Access for the web, the cloud, mobile devices, and more in the MSDN Library.

Project Server Queuing system: In Project Server 2013, timesheet jobs do not use the queue system (no Timesheets queue). All sites served by the same application service share the same queue service. Several key changes have greatly improved queue performances. When a job is posted to the queue table, the system will be notified that a job is available, instead of periodically having to poll for queue jobs.

Windows Azure cloud services for Project Online: For Project Online users in Office 365, data is stored in the Windows Azure cloud services operating system.

08/02/2012 - 5:56pm