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Delve Not Hiding Documents Part II

This is Step II in the process of getting Delve to hide documents from me.aspx.

As noted in Step I make sure you have reached out to Microsoft and put in a ticket in if you still having trouble as it might be an issue on the tenant side of things. If you never setup the managed property or mapping then putting in a ticket would not be needed as you would be creating the managed property and mapping from scratch.

Step II

Create HideFromDelve in the Tenant Level.

1) After the above re-indexing done, go to the SharePoint Admin center https://domain-admin.sharepoint.com

2) Click Search->Manage Search Schema

3) Create New Managed Property

                Name and Description:  HideFromDelve

                Type: Yes/No

                Main Characteristics: Check “Queryable” and “Retrievable”

                Safe for anonymous: Check “Safe”

                Token Normalization: Check “Token Normalization”

               Mapping to Crawled Properties: Add “ows_HideFromDelve”

4) Click OK to submit.

5) Go back to the Site Settings->Search and Offline Availability->Click “Re-Index the site.


So the lesson to be learned is to do the managed property at the tenant level.

I expect updates to Microsoft's documentation on this.

04/14/2015 - 3:50pm