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Delve Not Hidding Documents Part I

We have found several clients who were having issues in getting the me.aspx page in Delve to actually hide documents.

We found that the setting up of Managed Properties in the site collection is not working, but after working with Microsoft we found that this will need to be setup at the tenant level. So a ticket is in order for them to monitor step I after it is completed. So you will want to enter a ticket and put this information in the ticket so it is passed on to the Search team.

In part one of this blog we will explain how to remove the managed property that was setup in order to get Delve to hide documents from your me.aspx.

The second part will include how to re enter the hide from delve properly into your SharePoint 365 environment after 24 hrs has passed.

Assuming you already have setup a managed property to eliminate documents from the me.aspx page we are going make a couple of changes to it.

After this first part is completed wait 1-2 days before starting the second part.

We are using the naming convention hidefromdelve and ows_HideFromDelve.

If you are using different please replace them in these instructions.

Step I

1. Remove the HideFromDelve from the site collection level.

1) Go to the site collection that you setup the Yes/No managed property.

2) Click Site Settings->Search Schema under Site Collection Administration.

3) Find HideFromDelve managed property.

4) Click Edit/Map Property.

5) Rename from HideFromDelve to HideFromDelveOld.

6) Remove ows_HideFromDelve mapping.

7) Click OK to submit.

8) Go back to the Site Settings->Search and Offline Availability->Click “Re-Index the site”.

9) Repeat the above procedure in another site collection if you already setup HideFromDelve managed properties.

10) Wait for 6 hours to 1 day to wait for the re-indexing completed(once you did this process, you can let MS know so that they can confirm the indexed timestamp).


04/14/2015 - 3:43pm