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Creating a Project Server 2016 Service App

So let's assume you have already stood up SharePoint 2016 and your looking to setup and provision a Service Application and Site Collection for Project Server 2016.

1. Navigate to the Central Administration and select “Manage Service Application”

2. Select “Project Server Service Application”

3. Create a “Project Site Service Application”

After the Project Server Service Application started follow these next steps.

5. Also, Navigate to “Manage Services on Server” and verify if the Project Server Service is started.

6. Now to activate the PWA abilities on a Site Collection, go to the Site Collection’s features and activate Project Server specific features listed there.

Following features will be added to your Site Collection (of course the web application this belongs to should be associated with the Service application that we just provisioned).


Now enable the “Project Web App Settings” feature and the Site Collection will now be a Project Web Instance.


If you get a SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG it normally means you need admin rights to activate this feature
No worries just use the following PowerShell to enable the feature.

$SiteUrl = “http://servername:port#″

Enable-SPFeature pwasite -URL $siteUrl


Now you have a Project Server 2016 instance to configure.

10/08/2015 - 10:10am