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Create a View in Project Server 2013

So from Project Server lets begin to create a view.

•From the Home Page of PWA select Server Settings (on the Left hand margin]

•Select Manage Views from the Look and Feel section in Server Settings.

•Select New View from the Main Menu.

•Select View Type

•Select a Name for the view.

•Select a description for the view.

•Select the Table and Fields that will be used in this view.

•Select the Format for the view by selecting from different drop downs. This is not required for a view to be created.

•Select a Filter if needed. . This is not required for a view to be created.

•Select the Security Categories that are needed for this view. . This is required for a view to be created otherwise no one will see the view after it is created.

•Select Save when completed.

01/06/2014 - 11:21am