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Business Drivers in PWA 2010

First from the PWA home page select Driver Library to define the business drivers.
Click the New button to create a new driver.
Each driver should be associated with the impact statements that will be matched to the drivers. Both the driver and the specific impact statements should be specific and measurable.
When creating drivers, the company may create multiple analysis views based on the different driver sets if multiple stakeholders within the company have different opinions regarding which drivers should be used for project prioritization. So you can always have multiple analysis's created in order to achieve best results. After each of the key stakeholders performs the project prioritization process, the results may be analyzed to identify similarities between the outcomes. Now you can have as many drivers as you like, but best practice is somewhere around 5-7 drivers. Keep in mind you can also tag drivers with Departments in PWA so that can help organize drivers within different departs throughout the company.

07/29/2012 - 9:32pm