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Blank Project Name in Project Server

After a project is created in Project Server 2013 it is possible to save the project with no name.

I know after hearing about the bug I thought to myself why would anyone do this.

How could you find a project if they had no names.

Well luckily if you come across this bug Microsoft has released the March 2016 CU that address this issue.

Now Project Online and Project Server 2016 on premise have this already applied the fix.

Here are the listed fixes for PS 2013:

  • When the data is grouped, the rows under the grouping rows on the Approvals page are always collapsed. This makes it difficult to quickly and easily view the detailed records that need to be responded to. Now, the Outline Level functionality control has been added to the ribbon on the Approval page.
  • Fixes the following issues:
    • The Process Status field may show blank for a timesheet line when the status approval is pending.
    • When you switch to a different filter type on the Manage Queue Jobs page, you may receive the following error message if many jobs are present: 

                                                  Sorry, something went wrong.

  • Consider the following scenario:
    • You have a project-level enterprise field that's linked to a lookup table.
    • The custom field is exposed on a project detail page (PDP).
    • You edit a project from the PDP.
    • You change the value of the custom field as well as another field such as the project description.
    • You save the project.

In this situation, you receive the following error message:

An error has occurred while saving your project to the server. Please contact your administrator for assistance.

In addition, the queue job error details state GeneralItemDoesNotExist. This issue occurs after you install August 11, 2015, update for Project Server 2013 (KB3055018).

  • The indicator for issues and risks is still displayed for a project in the Project Center even after the issues or risks are deleted from the project.
  • When you create an enterprise project from a SharePoint task list, the project owner mapping is ignored and you become the project owner.
  • When you edit a project in a project detail page, you can remove the project name and successfully save the project without instead receiving an expected error message stating that a project must have a name.
  • On the Approvals page, when you select the units button and then select one of the work values (Minutes, Hours, Days Weeks), the grid can't be loaded. Sometimes, when you try to expand a grouped row, the expansion fails.

04/15/2016 - 8:48am