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Billable Hours

So the Project Managers and or Status Managers are concerned with billable hours and the work being performed on tasks. One could argue that the SMs and PMs want to know about every hour worked on a task. Resources need to be taught where to put the hours and how to enter the hours in question. It really comes down to procedures of a company. The work that resources perform on a task in the project could be non-billable work, but this will only be seen by the Timesheet Managers after the timesheet is sent. PWA 2010 does not track billable vs. non-billable work as far as the SM and PM is concerned. It only tracks Regular Work (non-overtime) and Overtime Work, and tracks project costs based on the Standard and Overtime Rates. For the Timesheet Managers would review the timesheet, the billable and non-billable work is relevant, which is why they can see this information. So it is really a process question that should be asked during requirements gathering so the right information gets to the right people and more importantly the right information is entered or captured in PWA.

09/27/2012 - 1:55pm